Archibald Fairfax

Physician, pathologist, amateur sleuth, eccentric and English gentleman


Dr Archibald Fairfax is a London-born medical doctor, around 40 years old, with a special interest in the emerging forensic sciences, and who is an occasional consultant on such matters for the police. He is tall and broad with brown hair and a roundish face with a handlebar moustache. Typically he wears a suit with a waistcoat, a hat and in winter a long coat. He carries a sturdy walking stick, although has no weakness in his legs.

Archie Fairfax is an eccentric character with a strong interest in detective work. He considers himself a competent amateur sleuth and has on occasion taken it upon himself to independently investigate patients or aspects of cases he has consulted on, with varying degrees of success. He is a great believer in science, reason and human progress. He is an expert hypnotist and has an interest in Freudian psychoanalysis.


Fairfax studied under Doctor Watson at St Barts in the early 1920s and became good friends, particularly because of his interest in empirical observation. Watson introduced him to Sherlock Holmes in 1924. Archie’s wife, Gloria, is Watson’s granddaughter by his second wife. Watson died in 1929, a few weeks after the wedding.

He was at one time a fencing champion at medical school and was introduced to Bartitsu by Sherlock Holmes. He now trains in Bartitsu privately with E.A. Barton-Wright and Canne de Combat with one of Pierre Vieny’s students in London.

After graduating, he studied and researched the emerging science of forensic pathology at the Academy of Medicine in Tver in post-revolutionary Russia for 2 years.

He was initiated into the Diogenes Club by Sherlock Holmes brother Mycroft, who died of a massive coronary in 1925, after which the Club’s operational management was taken over by Sir Henry Merrivale

He now lives in Hampstead with Gloria and his loyal Irish wolfhound ‘Watson’.

Archibald Fairfax

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